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I started having interests in recording music very early in my life. I used to do experiments in my room on a music cassette… then Keyboards followed a brief interlude where I’ve had first practise of music theory and French Horn.

As a consequence of my journey in 1999 I landed at the ‘Giuseppe Verdi State Music Conservatory’ of Turin this amazing world of new sounds and people brought inside me a big passion for classic and acustic music. The communicative power of an orchestra is that kind of emotions I keep looking at when I work with an artist even if I am recording on a pop or rock background.

Later in 2009 I attended Sound Engineering at SAE - Creative Media Institute of Milan where I had the chance to learn how technology impact the Music Industry.

Today as a Sound Engineer and as a Record Producer I keep updating my skills studying and reading in order to support those composers and songwriters who need to get their voice high. As a long experienced musician I tend to choose project I believe in and I help the artist to melt together good lyrics, sound design and strong personality.

Excellent results came in 2017 when I produced ‘Creature Selvagge’ by La stanza di Greta(www.lastanzadigreta.com) which won the Targa Tenco 2017 award for Best Debut Album .

One year early on 2016 the album ‘Evidenti tracce di Felicità’ by Yo Yo Mundi (www.yoyomundi.com) has been nominated in the Best Album category.

Critical acclaim came also over the years from several musical competitions and most important from the people who are in the music business, all good things that brings me new collaborations and keep the existing ones deeply rooted.

My aim is create something special able to cross the borders of time and go beyond the same usual clichés And when it happens …I am sure I am doing the best job in the world!!!

Have a look at my site, my credits and the links.Feel free to contact me. I am here to talk about your new project!